Taste of Angus Pledge

Taste of Angus Pledge

Owen’s Angus Jams

We work to use and promote Angus by using locally grown fruit in all our products.

James Pirie & Son

We are an award winning family butcher with 179 awards, based in Angus.  We are very proud to be 2018 World Scotch Pie Champions, 2005 Scottish Sausage Champions and 2005 Scottish Haggis Champions.  We source our supplies locally, hence our quality products.

Clootie McToot Traditional Dumplings

To use as much local ingredients as possible keeping low food miles.

The Retreat, Glenesk Visitor Centre

At The Retreat, Glenesk Visitor Centre, we pledge to support our Angus food and drink suppliers by offering our visitors a locally sourced menu and shopping experience where possible. We will tell the producers story by using the ingredients in the production of our menu dishes and home baking. Actively encouraging our visitors to explore the heritage of their food will be a focus for us as we move forward, connecting the present with the past.

Cllr Lynne Devine – Angus Council

I pledge to buy as much locally produced food as I can. Also I will encourage more local groups to grow their own vegetables and fruit.


At Artisana, sourcing as locally as possible has always been central to our ethos. We believe that Angus has some of the best ingredients available anywhere supplied by small independent producers.
Our pledge is to continue to support local businesses as well as promote, educate and work hard to showcase the fantastic produce found in our area.

The Strathmore Highland Games are committed to promoting Angus to the many tourists and locals who attend our event each year. We will bring together local food producers to serve up the very best food that Angus has to offer. We will showcase some of the finest spirit and ales produced by Angus businesses, employing Angus folk, made with Angus ingredients. We will seek to offer our visitors a traditional Scottish event with access to some of the best food and drink Angus has to offer.

Mrs C’s Cake Co

We are spoilt to be surrounded by so many amazing food producers here in Angus, and baking in my wee kitchen in Eassie, I, Mrs C, hereby pledge to source my eggs, butter, cream and other yummy ingredients for my cakes from my lovely Angus neighbours wherever I can, helping to reduce the miles my ingredients travel to my kitchen, and supporting my local dairy and farmers. I’m committed to having the very best ingredients in my cakes and I know that I can find these right on my doorstep. Through my cake classes, I will promote and encourage my students to use home grown, Angus ingredients in their own baking at home.

Strathmore Brewery

Strathmore Brewery pledges to support and engage positively with our local communities. So far as is practicable we pledge to use locally grown ingredients, we do not add preservatives or any artificial components or animal products. Our beer is brewed and fermented using only traditional processes. Strathmore brewery maintains a pledge to ensure sustainability by using energy efficiently for example hot water used in our brewing process is then re-used for cleaning and packaging with wholly recyclable materials.

J M Bakery

We source our wholesome ingredients from the best local suppliers whenever possible, including local Scottish Meat, eggs, flour, oatmeal and dairy cream. Our products are hand made by local tradesfolk and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We have High Street shops in Carnoustie, Monifieth and Arbroath, making us a truly Angus business. Also a responsible company we understand the importance of keeping waste to a minimum, however if we have anything left unsold at the end of the week, we will donate this to local institutions whenever possible.

Shed 35 Brewery

Shed 35 Brewery has a passion for brewing quality ale, using the finest ingredients. We will always buy and sell directly from local producers or local high street stores where we can. We always will look to the local community for other local services that can support our business working together to showcase around the region and beyond. Shed 35 will always look to reduce waste of any kind throughout our product process and ensure our packaging is as harmless to our environment as possible. Shed 35 Brewery believes in the local community, we are proud to live and create our product in such a wonderful town, county and country.

Two Sisters Cafe

We are so lucky to live in an area and country that has many fabulous food and drink producers and retailers. We use local producers and suppliers where possible. Our takeaway containers are compostable and we send our compostable waste to the local allotments. We are happy to talk with people about the food or drink that they are eating in the cafe and where it comes from and point people in the direction of suppliers of the great local produce that is available.

Food is Free Carnoustie

We are a small sharing garden in Carnoustie as part of the wider Food is Free movement. Our aims are to share knowledge about growing fruit and vegetables with the whole community from nursery children upwards. We share the produce by leaving trays of produce grown in the town. We encourage other gardeners to share their produce too.

Kirstene Hair MP

I pledge to support my home and my constituency in supporting local businesses, including Angus farmers, shops and restaurants. I pledge to encourage family, friends and residents in Angus to buy locally, support our local businesses and strengthen our economy. We have a wonderful diversity of products in Angus, and I fully back this effort to ‘keep it local’.

Julie Bell

To make more effort to buy locally-grown and produced food and drink, to increase use of local suppliers, reduce food miles and encourage others to do the same.

Hortech Solutions Ltd

To help Angus farmers produce fresh fruit and vegetables through state of the art techniques that increase productivity, reduce wastage, protect our environment and enhance economic well being.

Hilary Tasker

I buy locally when I can – I buy my meat from the local butcher rather than the supermarket and stock up at the Farmer’s Market. I buy seasonal fruit and veg and cook from scratch as often as I can, which is tastier and healthier. Of course supporting local producers is part of my job but it’s very easy to do as Angus produce is so fabulous!


The Gin Bothy

As a rural producer we have such an abundance of amazing quality on our doorstep. Local collaborations allow us to work with some of the finest ingredients grown here in Angus – we use fresh raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, blueberries and sloe berries to name a few! We couldn’t have grown as a brand without the support of our local customers, farmers market and restaurants promoting their local gin so thank you!

Tayberry @ Kinnettles Castle

I always use the best, freshest ingredients in my kitchen. Angus is rich in some of the most excellent produce in Scotland, such as seafood, fruit and vegetables, as well as iconic foods like Aberdeen Angus beef so it is easy to have a strong local flavour running through our menus without compromising on quality.

Hamish’s Hogs & MGs On The Road

I source locally wherever I can, including locally reared pigs for my hog roast. I think it’s important to let people know where their food comes from so that they are assured that they are getting a good quality product that tastes great. Street food is a huge trend at the moment, and I’m proud to make Angus a part of it.

Neil Thomson

To help Angus Business thrive.

Anne Petrie

To buy from small artisan producers of quality food on a regular basis.

The WeeCOOK Kitchen

We believe tasty food prepared and presented with passion and care should be for everyone. We aim to cook dishes with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers and wholesalers. We take pride in giving our customers a warm welcome and a good feed.

Ginger PR

It’s all too easy to give our money to supermarkets, which makes little sense when there are a plethora of incredible suppliers right here on our doorstep. Ginger PR pledges to buy local and shop local more than ever before.

Falls of Holm B&B

As a local hospitality business we undertake to continue using local produce whenever possible. Angus and Scotland in general has a rich culinary history both agricultural and marine.
Our aim is to offer the best of Scottish produce to our visitors and clients as it’s quality is unsurpassed in Britain.
We look forward to offering a growing selection of food stuffs, liquid refreshments and other condiments and confectionery in the future.

Carnoustie Distillery

We are committed to improving Carnoustie Distillery’s performance when it comes to providing world-class spirit products. Our Quality Policy ensures that we meet this goal every day.

Mactech Europe Ltd

To support local business and use as much locally produced goods as possible.

Fallone’s Pizza

We pledge to use locally sourced product where possible and support local Angus suppliers and farmers in our pizza business.
By combining the fantastic produce of Angus with Italian ingredients we hope to help our local economy and reflect our proud combined Scottish/Italian heritage.

The KoKo Bean Coffee House

We choose local suppliers wherever possible! From fresh local farm eggs in our breakfasts, locally sourced meat in our burgers, locally grown vegetables and berrries in our salads and tarts. Its easier and often less costly to source local ingredients, especially in Angus! We often reccomend our suppliers to customers and encourage shopping local! This year we plan to minimise packaging as much as possible and ensure what we do use can be recycled!

Pavilion Cafe

To use as much as possible, local suppliers and producers.
Most of my dishes are prepared on the premises with an Eat Fresh Eat Local emphasis.
I use local suppliers as much as I can as well as my lovely customers dropping off foraged and home grown produce.

Glenesk Hotel

The Glenesk Hotel supports the local economy by selecting produce and suppliers from Edzell and surrounding areas to create the dishes offered in our hotel restaurant. We believe that supporting local businesses and receiving their high-quality produce is a mutually beneficial relationship. We list our local suppliers on our menu, including Bel’s Butcher, Graham’s Dairy, Gourline Fish and Tillygloom Farm, to inform our diners of the produce available on their doorstep. In our effort to support the environment, we recycle all kitchen waste and endeavour to limit our use of unnecessary packaging.

Wild & Smoky

Wild & Smoky pledges to source its quality ingredients from local sources. This guarantees quality, sustainability and a reduction in food miles, and is good for the economy of Angus.

Smithie’s Deli

Wherever possible our fresh food comes from local suppliers. We are also a gin emporium and we strive to support all the local distillers by stocking their products.

Hospitalfield House

At Hospitalfield House we enjoy the privilege of having our own kitchen garden and a wealth of quality local producers. Fantastic eggs, vegetables, coffee, berries, rare breed pork, smoked fish, beers and spirits are just some of the things being produced pretty much on our doorstep, and we work closely with suppliers to include them on our menus. We are installing a poly tunnel to boost our own vegetable production and all vegetable waste from the kitchen goes straight onto our compost heaps to return the nutrients back to the soil.