Taste of Angus Food Charter Objectives

Taste of Angus Food Charter Objectives

Good Food for all

  • Ensure everyone in Angus has the ability and knowledge to enable them to grow, buy, cook and enjoy good local food.
  • Ensure that visitors and residents have a positive experience when eating out and can learn where their food has come from.

Strengthening the Local Economy

  • Buy locally where possible to support the Angus economy and sustain local employment.
  • Encourage public and private sector bodies to purchase from local and regional food producers and suppliers.
  • Keep supply chains short by buying directly from producers or from suppliers who stock local products.
  • Build relationships with local suppliers to ensure the very best food is on your menu or shopping list.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Reduce food waste and recycle what can’t be used/eaten.
  • Support food production and purchasing that promotes high animal welfare standards, reduces unnecessary packaging and supports the region’s economic development.
  • Reduce food miles which will in turn ensure a greener economy and carbon reduction.

Strong Community Food Culture

  • Inspire people about good food by providing opportunities to learn about farming, food growing and cooking, and develop new skills.
  • Tell the story about local suppliers and foods through menus, packaging and promotion. Let customers know where their food has come from.
  • Increase the awareness of the traditional and locally distinctive food and drink of Angus.

No matter how big or small your input, you can make a difference to the food culture and economy in Angus. Let’s keep it local! Make your pledge.