Skills and Training

Skills for Work

The Business Angus skills team facilitate the following skills programmes. Contact the skills team if you would like more information about any of these training courses below.

Employability Fund (EF) 3

This programme provides employers with access to young people motivated and interested in a career within their sector.  Employers would offer relevant practical work experience within their business.  The Business Angus Skills Team would ensure that the young person would receive the appropriate sector specific training, and accreditation through Certificate of Work Readiness. Placements consist of a minimum of 190 hours up to a maximum of 240 hours over a period of 8 to 12 weeks. Employers are not required to pay participants a wage whilst on the programme as they will receive a Young Persons Allowance or alternatively will remain on their DWP benefit. The Business Angus Skills Team coordinates the process throughout, therefore minimising the time commitment of the employer.

Certificate of Work Readiness

The Certificate of Work Readiness is designed for people who are ready for their first experience of work but need to develop their skills. It typically takes around 10 weeks to complete combining learning with a training provider and time in the workplace. This is an SQA accredited qualification which results in an SCQF Level 4 certificate. The following modules are covered:

  • Responsibilities of Employment
  • Dealing with work situations
  • Skills for customer care
  • Personal development, self and work
  • Practical workplace skills

Employability Fund (EF) 4

This programme provides discretionary external funding for work placement/sector-based academies where a specific need has been identified within the Angus area. This includes certification in approved Stage 4 qualifications directly linked to local and current job opportunities.

Modern Appenticeships (MAs)

The Scottish Apprenticeship programme offers flexible options to suit the needs of local businesses who are looking to improve long-term staffing objectives or address skills gaps. Business Angus Skills Team provide on the job training for current or new employees with an industry approved Scottish Vocational Qualification.  There are different ways businesses can recruit new apprentices and strengthen their workforce:

  • Designed by employers, for employers
  • Tailored to meet individual business needs
  • Invest in young talent or upskill current employees
  • Improve productivity, reduce staff costs and turnover
  • Apprentice employees will get flexible training and a qualification designed for your industry.

WorldHost training

Business Angus Skills Team offers this worldwide-recognised qualification in customer service skills as a one day course. The WorldHost course provides participants with the skills to engage with customers in the most effective way. Employers who have supported staff to complete the training have reported that staff as a result:

  • Are more motivated, engaged and loyal
  • Have improved both their local tourism and product knowledge
  • Are more confident and empowered to deal with customers positively
  • Are less likely to want to change jobs
  • Communicate better within the business

The course explains and reinforces:

  • Why customer service is such an important part of their role
  • How to make an excellent first impression and make customers feel welcome
  • How using customers’ names can help create a good rapport, and techniques for remembering names
  • Communication skills
  • How to empathise with customers and why handling their concerns is so important

Contact the skills team for more information. Send us an email or call 01307 492039.