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Redundancy Support

PACE (Partnership Action to Continuing Employment) was set up by the Scottish Government, and also includes the Department of Work and Pensions (through Jobcentre Plus), local authorities (Angus Council), Citizens Advice, colleges and training providers.

PACE partners understand the local labour market, and offer a wealth of experience in helping companies and people who are facing redundancy.

Business Advice

As part of the Business Gateway services, the Survive and Thrive programme can provide outside support to help a business owner to reignite their focus and drive the company needs forward which may help prevent a redundancy situation

Business Support

For employers this means support for businesses of any size, no matter how many employees are involved. It’s free of charge, and helps take away some of the strain of dealing with redundancy.

On-site Support for Staff

Local teams can respond quickly when situations arise and can also come in and assist businesses to try and minimise the impact of redundancy and support staff through the benefits process and how to look for new employment.

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