Skills and Training

Free Recruitment Support

It is important to have a diverse and well trained workforce and to access the local labour market. Whether you are an existing employer or looking to come to the area the Business Angus team are keen to help you with all your recruitment needs.

The team have worked with local businesses such as JourneyCall , Hydrus, Dawnfresh and Abbey Fruit to support their recruitment needs.

Advice and support

Angus and the rest of Tayside have a lot to offer in terms of a local labour market. Angus Council’s Business Angus Team can support and advise you throughout the recruitment process and will also advise you of any funding that may be available.

The Business Angus team can also offer your business support throughout job advertising and application process and vet applications prior to the interview phase.

Use of Business Angus premises

Companies locating to the area are encouraged to contact the Business Angus team to arrange use of their premises to undertake their recruitment.

Working with partners

Recruitment in a digital era can often be daunting. Why not contact us to see how we can help. Business Angus often works in partnership with other agencies, such as Skills Development Scotland and the Department of Work and Pensions, to make sure our businesses get the best support that they can.

Additional signposting

Whilst you are looking to take on new staff you may wish to access the advice of other support agencies or functions within the team. Advice can be given on locating in Angus; access to council property and development land and support through the Business Gateway HR recruitment support.