Montrose Rope and Sail Still Going Strong

First established in 1789, Montrose Rope and Sail Company is still going strong as it celebrates 230 years, making it one of the oldest businesses in Scotland.

The Angus based firm describes itself as Scotland’s leading manufacturer of tarpaulin covers but has also just launched a new luxury luggage and accessories brand.  The family run venture, which currently employs 21 people, is owned by Neil Paton, whose family have owned the firm four generations.

Montrose Rope and Sail has a rich heritage of craftsmanship and quality product design, traditionally hand manufacturing rope and hand-sewn sails for the local fishing industry, however as this diminished they had to innovate to survive.

Today they are well known globally for high quality kit bags and tarpaulin covers manufactured for companies in the oil and gas sector and outdoor markets.  Indeed after the last downturn in the oil and gas industry they established the Montrose Bag Company to open up consumer sales direct from their website for individuals.

Breaking into new high end markets is seen as one of the biggest opportunities for the firm and to this end they embarked on a knowledge transfer partnership involving Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen in 2018.  The aim of the project was to design a new product range for the high end luxury lifestyle market with a commercial and international focus.

A new brand Veske was launched in June 2019, with a view to the products being available towards the end of the year.  Veske is designed to incorporate the heritage of the company, the quality hand-manufacturing skills and craftsmanship and refine these to create a higher end level product.  The plan is to grow into international markets as a luxury Scottish bag brand.

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