Key Sectors

Green Economy

Digital technologies are widely recognised as enablers of productivity and drivers of innovation and international trade. To accelerate the growth of this key sector and help realise the benefits to the local economy, environment and society that green technology can bring Angus Council’s Business Angus team are working actively with stakeholders and businesses across Angus. The success and achievement of Angus’ digital economy rests on a world class digital infrastructure, which is essential to supporting the wider transformation of the county, attracting new businesses and jobs and supporting regeneration projects.  It is essential that that broadband infrastructure is put in place to allow us to deliver on the vision for Angus to be a leading digital County.

Sustainability and digital technology underpins business growth across every sector of the economy, helps to boost jobs and generate export income. A secure, affordable supply of energy is critical to the smooth functioning and competitiveness of the economy, and is closely correlated with economic output. In Angus 78.7% of premises now have access to ‘Next Generation Broadband’ and a target of 93.5% by end of March 2018.  We will continue to work to support the 100% coverage by 2020.

Sector support:

  • We will develop a Green Angus Business Network in partnership with local businesses
  • Our Green Economy Sector Officer can help with information, advice and best practice examples
  • We are encouraging local companies to work together to ensure a strong green economy in Angus.
  • We will support Angus businesses with renewable energy projects
  • We will develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for Angus in partnership with local businesses and communities
  • We are working in partnership to improve digital connectivity in Angus

“We are implementing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to grow our business at Abbey Fruit. This investment allows us to produce out –of- season, high quality strawberries, beginning harvest in March and finishing in December. This provides our supermarket customers with locally grown fruit instead of importing fruit from overseas, saving road and air miles.

Our main customers are Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco and they all recognise Angus’ reputation as a centre for excellence for quality fresh produce. Our new greenhouse, Lusa strawberries, were the only strawberries in the UK and abroad to achieve M&S’s prestigious “top tier” quality category. We work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality and our base in Arbroath, with its good climate and excellent work force helps us achieve this.

The Angus Council business team have been very encouraging and a pleasure to work with. They have demonstrated their desire to support local business and job creation in Angus.”

Peter Stirling

Peter StirlingAbbey Fruit